Fly Ash 20kg

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Fly Ash 20kg

Fly Ash is a pozzolan; a fine grey powder resembling cement, which is low in lime content, and possesses in itself little or no cementitious properties however, will, in it's finely divided form in the presence of moisture, react chemically with calcium hydroxide (e.g. from lime or cement) at ordinary temperatures to form insoluble compounds possessing cementitious properties.

Flyash can be combined with other materials to produce high quality and economical results for:

• Pre-mixed concrete

• Stabilised road base

• Roller compacted concrete pavements

• Concrete sub-base

• Conventional concrete pavements

• Roller constructed concrete dams

• Concrete products

Flyash can also be used as a filler in the manufacturing of many products. It has been successfully used in asphalt, rubber and other manufactured products.

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