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In Shelf Bracket range, we supply Folding Shelf Brackets, Light Stayed Brackets, London Brackets, Reinforced Shelf Brackets. Each type has a slightly different structure and appearance.

  • We have a wide range of sizes from 30mm to 400mm in length to suit your projects.
  • The brackets come with powder coated finish in white, grey and brown, as well as zinc plate finish giving you a smooth metal appearance.
  • Supplied in bulk pack across all our shelf bracket range. For folding shelf brackets, we supply in both retailer and bulk packs.

The foldable shelf brackets provide a space-saving solution for supporting shelves in a confined space, for example, in caravans. They can also be used for workbenches in kitchen, laundry and garage.

The light stayed brackets and London brackets provide a storage solution to supporting shelving against the wall. The stays provide a decorative touch and added holding strength to the shelf.

Reinforced Shelf Brackets have a curve providing a decorative touch and added holding strength to the shelf. They suit the need for creating shelf space around the home.

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